August 2019
U for Ushacha
MISAFF – August 3
Co-presented by Inside Out


Usha (Kiran Khoje), a single mother who works as a farm labourer in rural India, feels drawn to a local primary school teacher in ways she never knew possible.

Directed by Rohan Kanawade, 2019
Cineplex Cinemas Mississauga, screening at 8:00PM

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July 2019
Some Like It Hot
Toronto Outdoor Picture Show – July 25
Co-presented by Inside Out


After they witness a mob massacre, musicians Joe (Tony Curtis) and Jerry (Jack Lemmon) dress in drag and blend in with a train car overtaken by an all-female band led by a never-more charming Marilyn Monroe. Underlying the non-stop laughs is a deeper meditation on the differing ways society treats male- and female-identified people.

Directed by Billy Wilder, 1959
Corktown Common Park, screening at 7:00PM

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Giant Little Ones
Open Roof Festival – July 17
Co-presented by Inside Out


After a drunken encounter alters the dynamics of their long-standing friendship, Franky (Josh Wiggins) and his childhood pal Ballas (Darren Mann) engage in a feud that serves as an outlet for their respective powder kegs of repressed feelings. Shot in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Giant Little Ones is a heartfelt and intimate coming-of-age story about friendship, self-discovery and the power of love without labels.

Directed by Keith Behrman, 2018
181 Sterling Road, screening at 7:00PM

For tickets and more information, click here.

June 2019
Toronto Outdoor Picture Show:
Christie Pits Film Festival – June 30
Co-presented by Inside Out


A barrier-breaking tale of forbidden love in more than one way, Christie Pits Film Festival’s Dynamic Duos series opens with Rafiki in celebration of Pride Month!

Between receiving a standing ovation at Cannes and being banned in its home country for its positive representation of lesbian women, Rafiki (which screened at Inside Out 2018 Ottawa) has secured its place in cinema history as a brave and beautiful depiction of queer life in Kenya.

Directed by Wanuri Kahiu, 2018
Christie Pits Park, screening at 9:15PM

For tickets and more information, click here.

May 2019


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