Special Presentation: You Don't Nomi

Jeffrey McHale

Jeffrey McHale



United States


Feature film




1 h 30 mins

Previous Festivals/Awards

Official Selection, 2019 Tribeca Film Festival


Galas and Special Presentations


Performing Arts, Queer

You Don’t Nomi traces the redemption of director Paul Verhoeven’s film Showgirls, from notorious flop to cult classic.

When it was first released in 1995, Showgirls was met by critics and audiences with near universal derision, which included thirteen record-breaking Razzie Awards nominations.You Don’t Nomi brilliantly draws on archival footage and thoughtful commentary to chart the film’s eventual rise to a more favourable notoriety. Leaving no stone unturned, we relive many memorable scenes from Showgirls, while digging deeper into the film’s darker side.It will not surprise anyone that many of the people interviewed onscreen are gay, including well-known super fan, Peaches Christ.

Is it a masterpiece or pure garbage? McHale’s documentary answers the very important question: can’t it be both?

Fri May 31, 9:15 pm
TIFF Bell Lightbox 1
350 King Street West
Toronto, ON

R Rating

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