The Check-Up - Gabrielle Zilkha (2008)

All The Right Moves - John Caffery (2003)

The Coming Out - Juan Antonio Llamas Rodriguez (2008)

Madonna, Madonna - Grey Muldoon (2005)

In The Dark - Niko Blaxxx (2005)

Reflections From a Park Bench - Peter Morris (2011)

Genetic - Shoshana Magnet (2003)

Meet the Filmmaker: Shoshana Magnet

Favourite memory from the project...

My favourite memory from the project is when my mothers were walking down the street in Toronto right after the screening at InsideOut, and a random passerby said: "Oh! You're the dancing moms from Genetic." It was so exciting - I felt like they were film stars and I was a famous director.

What are your current/recent career endeavours?

InsideOut got me started making videos. Since then, I've made many more videos about my family. I received a minor in Feminist Digital Video Production as part of my PhD. I would never have thought to pursue this line of education if I hadn't been taught how to make Genetic by Mariangela Piccione, Kagiso Lesego Molope and Sarah Sharkey Pearce. I'm now a Women's Studies professor at the University of Ottawa, and part of what helped me land my job is that I was interested in teaching other young women to make feminist videos.

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Cozen - Ali Naqvi (2010)

Hey Maybe - Cam Matamoros (2004)

Haram - Mohamed Ali (2007)

Jet Lag - Luka Sidaravicius (2007)

As-Phyx-It - Jamie Ross (2005)

Meet the Filmmaker: Jamie Ross

Favourite memory from the project...
The queer youth video project was amazingly helpful and inspiring, and without it I may not have ever been empowered to go about claiming my role as an artist, and with the confidence to do it without art school. Revisiting this work seven years after its creation raises many feelings. First, I'm surprised and ashamed I felt entitled to use Inuit throat-singing music utterly decontextualized, as though including the musicians' names in the credits somehow erased the cultural appropriation. I think I thought it sounded cool. I try my best to analyse the work of someone in his last year of high school, in his 2nd or 3rd year out of the closet, someone who had come happily to terms with his sexual identity but who had very little interest in or contact with queer culture of any sort outside our subculture. Me and my friends were punk rock, and what representations of gay community I saw on TV and movies left me pretty alienated. Back in 2005, I was worried that because I was lanky and hated electronic music, I would never find a place; for those reasons but also because I saw the culture as rooted in apathetic, vapid over-consumption. It would be years before I felt a part of the history and traditions of this community, before I would come to understand the heterogeneity of the so-called 'mainstream gay culture,' which, according to the film, 'confuse and disturb'. If only the video had been about representations of this community and its effect on 18 year old me, it could be so easily redeemed.

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end. o - Bridget Photo (2004)

How I Learned to Speak - Christopher Douglas (2005)

Committed to Recall - Chelsey Lichtman (2007)

This is Just to Say - Sharon Sliwinski (1999)

Meet the Filmmaker: Sharon Sliwinski

Favourite memory from the project...
The finished videos from the very first project were screened at what was then the brand new, huge theatre at the corner of Richmond and John Streets (what is now called the Scotiabank Cineplex, but at the time was called the Paramount as I recall). There were hundreds of people in attendance which was terrifying and thrilling all at once. I will never forget the moment of standing up in front of the sold out crowd and -- for the very first time -- feeling a sense of great sympathy and empathy. I grew up in a relatively small town and had a rough time coming out. But suddenly all these strangers--hundreds of them!--were all looking at me with such curiosity and warmth. I'll never forget those faces and the feeling of being embraced by that room. It was amazing -- a prototype of the sense of "it gets better."

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